The tradition that became San Rucci Winery began over 90 years go when a young Italian from Tuscany his wife and their young family immigrated to the United States.  Faith and family was always important to Francisco Becherucci so like his family had done for years, he began to make wine  at home for the family, especially for their Sunday dinners.


The family winemaking tradition continued and became a greater part of family life when Francisco’s granddaughter married a winemaker who’s German and Sicilian family had also carried on the tradition of home winemaking for family get-togethers and Sunday dinners.  They,  in turn,  passed the love of family, faith and good wine to their son and daughters.


By combining the Sicilian and Tuscan family names together – San Filippo and Becherucci, the tradition of San Rucci was born.  

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