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Our Team

I try to create wines that suit our climate and our way of life – wines to drink with the food we grow, make and eat.

– Spectra

Spectra winery was realised to focus on our passion for the region and its ability to produce dry – grown and environmentally sustainable wine. Recently a new home was established on our holistic philosophy to winemaking which starts with climate, empahasises the importance on the vineyard, as well as wine’s relation to the food we love to grow, cook, and eat.

Bill Merz+

Bill Merz, Winemaker

Anthony Merz+

Anthony Merz, Winemaker

Bill Merz

Bill Merz, Winemaker

Bill Merz had the good fortune to be born into a German and Sicilian family that enjoyed good food, great wine and the love of family and friends.  It was here that his interest in winemaking began  After graduating from high school, he immediately enrolled in the Fresno State Enology program where he graduated with a degree in Enology.

Bill has spent almost 40 years working in the sine industry, spending most of his time in the southern San Joaquin Valley.  It was in Kern County where he met his beautiful Italian wife, Lisa, and they raised their three children with those same values of enjoying good food, great wine and the love of family.

Bill Merz can be contacted at Bill.Merz@sanrucci.com.


Anthony Merz

Anthony Merz, Winemaker





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